Friday, October 10, 2014

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I have not looked at this thing since 2005.  Blimey.

In that time I have gotten married, and been working for the National Autistic Society since the start of 2006.  Shortly after that I started coming into work 'looking tired' due to sleep deprivation.  We marred at the end of 2007.

We still are.  Poor woman.  We have a cat, which I am convinced is using some sort of telepathy to control the household.  Thank fully his demands are few, such as food, clean water and someone to fight with every now and then.  He sits on our laps, reading our minds and dubtless finding them pointless and without worth to a cat?  He sits on the window sill, broadcasting commands that create scenario's of great love and peace in our world - or grim conflict in different parts of the planet.

Either way, I don't trust him and he has never, ever smiled at me.

He is always about his own business or resting from it.  This involves murder.  So far, only tiny birds and mice.  But what if he learns to use a knife, despite not having thumbs?  Someone has to think of these things.  A cat with a switchblade, or a balisong knife?  Well no, that would be tricky to open.  I figure one night he will appear in the kitchen on the draining board, brandishing our sharpened cheeseknife with both paws whilst standing up vertically and snarling as if to say YES, YES YOU WERE RIGHT AND HERE I AM...?

Or not.

Anyhow, main Blog is on my website.

Thank you, and be kind to animals.