Saturday, April 16, 2016

Why I rarely blog

The reason I rarely blog is because I am too busy enjoying my life.  I have things to do in the real world.

So if you can read this, why don't you go and do things that do not involve computers?  

It is a bad sign if you have enough time on your hands that you take stuff like the internet seriously.  Everyone does now of course, but at the same time, the world exists outside of it.  Very much so, and always will.

It is something people don't realise these days that if you remove the safety of communicating versions of yourself electronically in this limited typed lines form, I am afraid what you are left with is all you really are in the flesh.

Think about that.  I'm off to be interviewed by friends and to be put on the spot to think on my toes, which is how my life has always been.