Monday, December 16, 2019

There is going to be more. But for now, a little background.

I do not usually blog.  My life is analogue and off line.  Things happen in real time.  Should I capture events and relay them, statically on here?  Should I give you my biased opinions because blogs always are.  If people write things then it's their account.  Just them and the medium of conveyance.

I have work to publish.  I just want to see whereabouts I can place it and should I admit to it?

I have been busy this year.  I found a new extreme sport - Twitter with aggressive adversaries whilst on public transport.  You see, I have to use buses and trains to and from my home and it can take over an hour to get to the main London Underground system to go from there to my final targets.  So I had time on my hands, surrounded by strangers (who are always private and actually good company for this).

There I would be, rushing out or coming home.  The atmosphere a little tense as everyone wants to complete their journeys.  All around the rich mix of my neighbours in the London transport zone we live in.  The air so filthy yet we never notice it.  Private lives all around me, buzzing externally with the faces and clothes of the people.

Me on the Twitter, avoiding aggression and insult whilst trying to always objectively make sense and brevity of what I was facing.  That you see was the sport.  Could you actually do that?  Because if not, one of us was in the wrong game.  I wanted to know if it was myself, as much as perfect the ability.

All this year, slowly eliminating people.  Why?  Aggression, some of it so present I did not consider that person capable of a safe dialogue.  Circular statements with no relation to my attempts at dialogue.  People talking to themselves as a reply to me.  Poor Jonathan Mitchell's paranoid quest to forever frame anything he does not like or relate to in any way he chooses.  The childish hyper intellectualising of autistic people who do not need to respect or empathise with others whilst thinking they do.

People trying to traumatise and 'freak out' others due to their autistic natures.  In order to get them off social media.  Because Twitter is, for some palm top warriors, the only battleground they have.

All this has gone on.  Now I've gone through the entire group of people I started with.

What have I concluded?  Aha...

Everyone who publicly identifies to the world as autistic, and holds views on this, is Neurodiversity Movement.  Which is a metaphor rather than an actual thing.

More to come.  ;)


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