Saturday, March 13, 2021

Giving more away, everyday? Social media and the great online empire of words.

 Planets in science fiction got covered to the point that their surfaces disappeared beneath metal, composite substances and wires, tubes and machines.  But no one ever worked out that social media would be the ultimate development of the silicon chip we all saw appear in the late 1970's.

No one realised the dominant function of all that exciting new technology would be communication.  Data storage and retrieval, as well as people conveying and communicating in real time, posting things and speaking, gesturing, seeing and so feeling.  Social media.  The great big secret of the future no one saw coming.

Now, here it is.  You take it for granted.  You are looking at it.  Characters in pixels on pages that only exist through the grace of code.  

Blogs.  Talks.  Confessions.  My version of reality.  My ideas.  Me.  Splurging streams of consciousness onto public spaces.  Like detailed graffiti on walls anyone can find if they want to, or in some cases hazard on accidentally.  Why do you read me?  Why am I writing.  I can hear Killing Joke's Democracy album playing right now.  My wife is in another room.  I see a tree out of my window and it is blossoming.  The wind has been battering it, but still it endures and blooms.  It once took two and a half days for the spring bloom to happen.  I watched it in real time.  I was allowed to by my life being so good that my eyes were free to experience what was around me in detail.  No need to cope and redefine everything with a mental survival mechanism.  Clear input.  A privilege.  Small pink blossoms festooning it now, more every day.  So many details.  light green mossy branches.  A totally pink version is in the distance across the road from it too.  Behind it in the background, poking out from the closer ones main trunk.  

I walk in fields undeveloped by builders and listen to old songs, dancing in darkness where no one can see me.  Still experiencing a joy of life many of my age have to realise through drinking or taking things.  The winning streak continues.  So far so good.  Ah, but you never know where it all leads.  

Can you experience all of this in pixels?  I leave the house on Sunday when I can without my phone.  It's like going on some sort of retreat.  Suddenly alone and free.  I never have social media on it now.  Just at home.  Forests of pixels.  Green screens, remember those?  Blossoms exploding in pixels at the start of Blade Runner, the logo of the Ladd company.  Have a look.  Hey!  Idiwan?  Welcome to two thousand and twenty one.  I was born in nineteen sixty three.  The year two thousand was a big deal then.  Now it's long gone.  Like November two thousand and nineteen when the first Blade Runner was set.  

I can travel back in time via the computers.  I find houses for sale in the road I grew up in and see pictures of the rooms inside.  One was next door to ours.  The garden betrays the condition of my childhood home. I sent the pictures to my brother and we called me and we discussed them.  All gone now, yet we carry on cool as anything as if nothing has changed.  We had a good childhood and we matured well.  Still no signs of disintegrating and wanting to go back to a world long gone.  Give it time, dementia and Parkinson's I imagine.  Give it time.  On my lcd digital watch.  New in 1980.  With a new strap bought as a present for me.