Saturday, April 30, 2022

A slanderous film has been made about me and I'm off to the solicitors. But why?

This may all have happened on account of my being a big supporter and friend of a woman called Emma Dalmayne.  Vendetta's around her abide in her brave and unique advocacy work.  Creepy thing is that all Emma and myself ever do, is tell the truth about the people around us and what we find.  The 'opposition' however do the opposite.  

It's grim stuff folks.  Allegations as statements of utter fact.  Well no actually as complaints to my employers the National Autistic Society just came to zero.  Nothing.  I was being lied about.  Cleared of all wrong doing.  Free to write this.

They will not let me say who this woman is, but if you look up my name right now you will find her film.  It's a pirate of the one Dave Francis made about me, in revenge for my exposing his attempts to stitch me up or frame me the other year.  

He connected with me online exclusively to stage screen grabs he could repurpose however he wanted.  Now a woman has repurposed the film he made, doing it again.

I had to compose a statement by statement, screen grab documentary to explain what happened when a man I'd never even known existed, connected with me on Facebook.  We lasted a few weeks then I discovered him slandering me on his Facebook page.  It was pretty weird by then I tell you.  I'd openly postulated this man had severe mental health issues and said so.  So I blocked him, warned others about his behaviour and resorted to making my lengthy film.  Which is here:

I don't hear anything after his gruesome attempt to mash up my film, misquote it and try and do what I predicted he was trying to do in the first place.  Then, February 14th, along comes something utterly horrible.

The person in question has gotten to me through a whole list of ex friends and acquaintances.  She has effectively been burning through her phone book doing this to people over the past few years.  Pirating Francis's film she proceeded to talk about my laughing about her rape (no idea what this is about) and describing it as ABA.  Well anyone who knows me won't have a clue why I would do that.  I don't even understand how sexual assault and Applied Behavioural Analysis connect.  Nor do I EVER refer to sexual assault in any way.  

I have always had very strict protocols around talking about sexuality, let alone people being assaulted.  It happens to men as well you know?  I consider heterosexual Male aggression the most historically dangerous force acting on women's lives in human history.  It can result in killing females.

My employers tried asking me circuitous questions about what I may have said with a list of subjects so perverse and outlandish it frightened the life out of me.  Talks about Marquies De Sade?

If you are going to try and stitch someone up - go all the way.

It's a bit of a sad story.  I met the woman in person ing 2019 at an event, and got on very well with her.  Even filmed for her.  Three years on and with no evidence to back her claims up I get this.  I really would like to know what on Earth happened, if anything.  Meantime the attention seeking for the sake of followers has got to stop.  

Interesting little experience in that at this stage of my advocacy life, the feasibility of continuing the show has been shown to be difficult.  Not simply for the sake of bad publicity but that every now and then I get reminded how many suffering genuinely malicious and aggressive people the NeuroDivergent community contains.  

I will be on Edinburgh this year.  No one else has bothered to attack me before or since and I wonder what next?  It will all come out in the end...  ;)

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